10.08.2020 Thai gourmet restaurant in Augsburg

This is what makes Thai cuisine so special

The Thai cuisine is a real pleasure for all gourmets in Augsburg. It is spicy, works with fresh ingredients and takes you on an adventurous journey. Welcome to the Baan Sukhothai Restaurant in Augsburg! We pamper your palate and take you into the wonderful world of Thailand.

A pleasure for gourmets: the Thai cuisine

Thai cuisine is very popular with vacationers. It combines many flavors and is inspired by other kitchen styles. Above all, the Chinese, Indian and European cuisine can be discovered in the Thai recipe. Rice in particular can be seen as a staple food imported from China and India. Portuguese seafarers brought chillies to the country, which are used in many traditional dishes. For centuries, recipes have been passed on to the next generation in a classic way. In Thailand it is customary to serve different dishes as a menu. Fresh products that B. Fish or vegetables come with a spicy sauce as a starter. We take up this tradition in our restaurant.

Thai cuisine: the gourmet restaurant in Augsburg will spoil your taste buds

Our extensive menu is very popular with big and small gourmets. Choose one of the many menus or create your own menu of traditional starters, main courses and desserts. Vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers get their money’s worth. Our specialty is our Fine Thai Dining dishes, presented in a classic way.

Our newly furnished outdoor area is particularly popular on sunny days. In our restaurant you can enjoy an exquisite ambience that is reminiscent of the beauty of Thailand. The noble design is combined with traditional influences and has a clear structure.

How gourmet and Thai cuisine come together in the Baan Sukhothai restaurant in Augsburg

Our Thai restaurant in Augsburg has been open since March 2020 and is the city’s first fine Thai dining restaurant. Are you looking for a Thai restaurant with quality food and delicious dishes? Then pay a visit to our restaurant at Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 5 1/2. Embark on a journey of discovery and feel the spirit of Thailand in our dishes and excellent wines. We use traditional original products from Thailand for our dishes. This is how the pure enjoyment of the country comes to the stylishly arranged plates. Would you like to reserve a table? Then you will find all the necessary information here. Our service staff is there for you every day and will give you a warm welcome!
We are happy to set up larger celebrations or events such as Birthdays, company and Christmas parties or weddings. Talk to us or get in touch with us Contact. We look forward to you and your guests!


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