Our building site is progressing

In November 2019, the renovation work began at Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 5 1/2 in Augsburg-Göggingen. In the meantime, we are almost finished and almost on schedule 🙂 As it is with building sites. Until 19.3. – our official Grand-Opening – there is still a lot to do. Here are some impressions from the construction site.


26 Oct

Culinary Thailand Etiquette I Part 3: Volume and speed at mealtimes

In our Thai gourmet restaurant in Augsburg, you as a guest may authentically experience the traditional atmosphere of the wonderfully sensual Thai cuisine. more

05 Oct

The culinary Thailand etiquette I part 2: the soup

Enjoy traditional Thai soup in our gourmet restaurant Augsburg. More about this special Thai tradition here. more