05.10.2020 Thailand Knigge

The culinary Thailand etiquette I part 2: the soup

Now autumn has arrived here in Augsburg and what warms you up better than a hot (maybe a bit spicy) soup? However, if you are not in Augsburg at the moment, you can find out everything here in our culinary Thailand etiquette for gourmets. The true gourmet of Thai cuisine has already learned in the previous first article of our etiquette series that the spoon is a much more essential eating tool than the supposed chopsticks. And what goes better with this terrific Thai eating utensil than a delicious soup? Accordingly, part 2 follows today: the soup.

Traditional Thai sharing

Thai food, like in many parts of the world, is a very social affair. Thais often gather in large groups to prepare and enjoy their food. A hot soup is an integral part of such a traditional meal in Thailand. The soup is usually placed in a large soup bowl in the middle of the table and shared. A small warmer with a direct heat source underneath helps to enjoy the soup hot. In addition, each person gets a bowl of rice, which can be eaten together with the soup if required. The most important eating tool – the spoon – is put to good use here. The important thing is that the spoon is eaten completely clean before you dip it back in to dine like a gourmet. But don’t worry, in our gourmet restaurant in Augsburg the classics are served in individual bowls per person. In addition, as is usual in Western restaurants, you are of course welcome to blow on the soup with your spoon if it still seems too hot to you – this is by no means impolite in Thailand!


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The culinary Thailand etiquette I part 2: the soup

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