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Five popular original Thai dishes

Thai cuisine dishes are appreciated by connoisseurs and gourmets all over the world. In this country, however, it is difficult to find authentic Thai dishes that really taste like the original. If you are still looking, then we have good news for you: in beautiful Augsburg is the Gourmet Restaurant Baan Sukhothai, which offers high-quality Thai dishes. We present some of the favorites here:

Khao Pad tastes both homemade and in the restaurant

This simple yet delicious dish can be prepared in many different ways. This is a dish that consists of a combination of fried rice, vegetables and meat. Khao Pad is available in different versions with beef, chicken or of course without meat. No matter which of these versions you choose, Khao Pad always tastes fantastic in our gourmet restaurant in Augsburg.

Pad Thai is also something for gourmets

This dish comes to mind when you think of Thai cuisine. Pad Thai is one of the absolute classics of this cuisine and everyone likes it. It is a pasta dish that is fried with various vegetables and herbs and served with fresh lime. Probably the best-known variant is prepared with tofu and shrimp and is therefore an absolutely great choice for all gourmets. Pad Thai can also be ordered with chicken, pork or as a vegetarian variant in many restaurants and always tastes delicious.

Som Tam- The refreshing classic

Som Tam is one of the dishes that people like to order as a starter in the restaurant. It’s a refreshing papaya salad that will stimulate your taste buds in ways you’ve never experienced before. Ingredients such as garlic, chili, lime juice, tomato and peanuts give this dish its very own aroma and transport you straight to faraway Thailand.

We have delicious Tom Yam in Augsburg

The warming tom yam soup is another Thai favorite. The fiery soup is particularly popular with seafood lovers as it is traditionally served with king prawns. It is prepared with fresh ingredients such as coriander, lemongrass and lime leaves, which gives the tom yam a typically refreshing taste. Try this gourmet classic directly at Baan Sukhothai in Augsburg.

Tom Kha Gai- chicken soup in Thai

The tasty Thai soup cannot be missing from this list. Tom Kha Gai is a delicious chicken soup made with curry and coconut milk, which gives it a very special twist. Of course there are also vegetarian variants, which you can also enjoy with us in Augsburg.

We hope that we were able to whet your appetite with these dishes and that you can welcome us to our Gourmet and Fine Thai Dining Restaurant in Augsburg very soon .


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