03.09.2020 Thailand etiquette

The culinary Thailand etiquette I part 1: the eating tools

“Everywhere in Asia people eat with chopsticks” – is that really true? A true gourmet of Thai cuisine knows: No, of course that’s not true. In Thailand, for example, the spoon is considered the main eating tool! We would be happy to tell you more exciting facts about Thai food culture on site in our Baan Sukhothai restaurant. If you are not in Augsburg at the moment, you can find out everything here in our culinary Thailand etiquette. Today is part 1: the eating tools.

King Rama V and the Thai eating tool

In Restaurant Baan Sukhothai in Augsburg we combine Thai tradition with modern, European eating habits. Because we as real Thai gourmets know: Since the modernization reforms of King Rama V (1853-1910), spoons and forks have been traditional Thai eating tools. Before its reform and the gradual adaptation to western (hygiene) standards, people in Thailand almost only ate with their hands!

The importance of the spoon in Thailand

In contrast to German food culture, the spoon is the most important eating tool in Thailand. This is always taken in the main hand and eaten from. The fork finds its place in the other hand and serves to push the food onto the spoon.
The spoon also takes over the function of the knife. For example, while the extremely tender chicken meat is fixed with a fork, it can easily be cut up with a spoon. The chicken is then pushed onto the spoon with a fork and eaten by it.
As soon as you put your spoon and fork down next to each other at around half past six, that’s the signal for us to clear up the Gourmet Restaurant in Augsburg. And don’t worry if you’ve ever picked up a fork to eat – it’s considered a minor mistake in Thailand rather than a faux pas.

Gourmet Knowledge: Chopsticks & Knives in Thailand

In fact, due to the importance of the spoon as a dining tool, you will not find a knife on the table for eating in the local restaurants in Thailand. But there is another reason. Because a typical Thai kitchen knife has the shape of a hatchet, it is also referred to as a “weapon”. And therefore only belongs in the hands of the cook. In the Restaurant Baan Sukhothai in Augsburg we will be happy to give you a knife that you are familiar with with your meal.
The chopsticks are different. For example, dishes influenced by Chinese cuisine, such as Khao Teow Nam noodle soup, are eaten with chopsticks. However, the same applies to these dishes: the soup spoon is the main eating tool! You use the chopsticks to put the ingredients on the spoon, dip it into the soup again and then raise it to your mouth – like a real gourmet!

We look forward to welcoming you very soon as guests in our Thai Fine Thai Dining and Gourmet Restaurant in Augsburg.


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