650 spring rolls for caregivers in Augsburg

On Easter Sunday, our Baan Sukhothai team in Augsburg-Göggingen donated 650 spring rolls to the nursing staff of two retirement homes in Augsburg. Due to the Corona crisis, working with old people is much more complicated and strenuous, there is a lot of unpaid overtime and there is also an increased risk. In order to show the many nurses a small token of appreciation and gratitude for their tireless commitment and to give them a small, tasty treat in times of the shutdown, we produced and delivered the spring rolls.

The preparations for the large-scale spring roll fundraiser began on Easter Saturday, April 11th, 2020. Our kitchen team prepared the batter and the chicken filling for the delicious Thai speciality.

Early in the morning on Easter Sunday we began to make, fill and fry the 650 spring rolls by hand. Five spring rolls were always packed into a portion in an aluminum tray, which in turn were packed in paper bags ready for transport.

Around 10:30 a.m., two teams reached the old people’s homes in Augsburg. The owners, Helen Hemvadee and Jörg Bauersachs, presented a good half of the 130 portions to the nurses at the Servatius senior center at Fritz-Hintermayr-Straße 6 in the Antonsviertel. Ms. Suvimol Seifarth and Ms. Uraiwan Prestele from the service were at the same time in the old people’s home “Paritätisches Hospital-Stift” at Radenbad 5 in Augsburg’s city center. Here, too, the spring rolls were eagerly awaited and gratefully received. The two facility managers had been informed a few days beforehand. 130 nurses were able to enjoy fine, homemade Thai spring rolls at Easter.


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