25.04.2020 Empty chairs of the Baan Sukhothai on the town hall square in Augsburg

Aktion “Leere Stühle” in Augsburg – Wir waren dabei

Our chairs could also be seen on the Rathausplatz on Friday. Like many other restaurateurs, we tried to draw attention to our worries and needs with this campaign. The campaign was called up by the Leaders Club for all of Germany, which is a network of people and companies who are enthusiastic about gastronomy. Hoteliers and restaurateurs were able to attract attention with this campaign, we demand perspectives and a precise plan as to when the gastronomy and hotels throughout Germany can reopen. Stefan “Bob” Meitinger and Torsten Petersen, managing directors of Enchilada Franchise GmbH, organized the campaign in Augsburg.

Our grand opening on March 19, 2020 could not take place. After extensive conversion work, we were able to partially start our catering business in a test week, followed by four days with lunch before we had to close completely due to the corona pandemic. A hard blow after half a year of preparations and extensive conversion work. We currently offer take away dishes and a delivery service, like many other colleagues from the Augsburg gastronomy, but this income is insufficient.

With all understanding for the security measures, we all urgently need a date, a timetable and a perspective. We hope that with this action we were able to get some attention in politics. Specifically, we demand:

1. A clear roadmap for the reopening of the more than 220,000 establishments.
2. Introduction of 7% VAT for the hospitality industry.
3. Increase in subsidies for all company sizes (based on tax returns, to do justice to honest business restaurateurs).
4. Increase in short-time allowance to 80 percent AND introduction of short-time allowance for trainees as well.


Below are some impressions of the “Empty Chairs” campaign at Rathausplatz, on Friday April 24th, 2020.


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