25.08.2020 Fine Thai Dining - Gourmet Restaurant Augsburg

The unique flavors of Thai cuisine

Thailand mit seinem tropischen Klima und seiner Nähe zum Meer, ist geprägt von einer reichhaltigen Vielfalt in Flora und Fauna. This is reflected in traditional Thai cuisine, which offers a wide range of ingredients and flavors. At the Baan Sukhothai restaurant, we would like to offer gourmets in and around Augsburg a unique taste experience. With classic Thai cuisine that flatters even the most discerning palate.

Traditional Spices

The basis for many main dishes in Thailand is a kind of spice paste, the curry. It is traditionally freshly prepared from garlic, green or red chili and various herbs and spices that the chef selects to match the ingredients used. In the foreground is a round overall result. That’s why we put together menus for you in the Restaurant Baan Sukhothai Augsburg that are perfectly coordinated. Choose for yourself which flavors should be in the foreground for you. The variants range from mild and earthy to sweet and sour, to spicy and spicy. Every gourmet gets their money’s worth here.

Exotic fruits and fresh vegetables

Thailand, with its warm and humid climate, has a wide range of fruit and vegetables all year round. Fresh ingredients are the main ingredient in traditional recipes. Our Baan Sukhothai restaurant in Augsburg offers a selection of vegetarian dishes. As our chef rounds off every dish perfectly with the combination of ingredients and spices, our plant-based dishes become a unique experience for real gourmets.
Since sweet and sour is part of the taste repertoire of main courses in Thai cuisine, exotic fruits such as pineapple, papaya or mango are used here. Rounded off with a mild, earthy coconut note, these fruits go well in curries with a slight spiciness, while their rich sweetness comes into its own in our desserts.

Meat and fish

An important influence on Thailand’s cuisine is sea and water. Gourmets enjoy the taste of the Thai coast in our restaurant in Augsburg. Indulge in sweet and sour shrimp, spicy seafood salad or richly seasoned fish fillets on rice.

Many of our dishes at Baan Sukhothai in Augsburg are prepared with meat. The offer ranges from chicken, beef fillet and pork to duck. Each of our Thai dishes is unique in taste. Enjoy curries or grilled skewers with an aromatic dip, the traditional Thai chicken soup with finely spiced galangal, or our spicy beef salad. Herbs and spices combine with the texture of our dishes to create a unique mouthfeel.

The sophisticated use of spices, the variety of ingredients and the wide range of flavors make Thailand’s cuisine a cuisine for real gourmets. Enjoy the unique flavors of Thai cuisine in our Baan Sukhothai in Augsburg restaurant.


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